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Cinematic Representions of Ancient Rome

Organization: Slipaway Cinema Press
Categories: Popular Culture, Classical Studies, Film, TV, & Media, History
Event Date: 2024-01-01 Abstract Due: 2023-06-02

Slipaway Cinema Press is pleased to announce a call for papers featuring cinematic representations of Ancient Rome to be released in 2024 and edited by Trico Lutkins and David C. Hayes. We welcome papers by experienced and renowned or young
and emerging scholars, of all nationalities, genders, identities and ethnicities. Interested
contributors may submit a 500 words abstract, in English, by 06/02/2023 to tjlutkins@cleary.edu

Contributions should draw from films where the Roman Republic or Empire is important to the plot of the story. For example, neither Dragon Blade nor The Eagle take place in Rome or the Italian Peninsula, however, the Roman Empire is central to the plot of the story. Films can be from any genre (horror, action, drama, etc.). The subject must be a feature film, no television series. The editors are happy to discuss options with prospective and accepted authors.

While we are open to all approaches to the text and films, some starting points might include:

Connections to Roman traditions
Connections to Roman’s larger literary canon
Critical (feminist, racial, socioeconomic, etc.) readings of the film
Symbolism in the film
Cinematic adaptation 
Rome as a cultural icon

We expect the completed book to be released beginning in 2024. While a publisher has been secured, we are open to interests from other presses.


Trico J Lutkins