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Ann Leckie and Speculative Fiction Revolution (Northeast MLA, 2024)

Organization: NeMLA
Event: Northeast MLA, 2024
Categories: Lingustics, Pedagogy, Gender & Sexuality, Literary Theory, Women's Studies, Science, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2024-03-07 to 2024-03-10 Abstract Due: 2023-09-30

Multiple award-winning author Ann Leckie is extremely well-regarded in speculative fiction, but relatively understudied in academia. With a new book out in June 2023 that expands the world of the Imperial Radch trilogy, it is an exciting time to be an Ann Leckie scholar. This session invites essays that address her work broadly. Approaches might include analysis of her books from any number of theoretical lenses, such as a posthumanist look at AI in the Imperial Radch trilogy or a legal studies or religious studies approach to Provenance or The Raven Tower. The session would also welcome more abstract approaches to studying her work, such as formal comparisons of her short stories and novels, a historical examination of texts that have influenced her, her own influence on other authors, examinations of the various kinds of "hard" science that show up in her work, or a fan studies approach to her online presence. 

This session will be part of the NeMLA 2024 Conference. Submit abstract online: https://cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/20303



Emily Lauer