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Overcoming Instrumental and Post-humanistic Education (NeMLA & edited volume)

Boston, MA
Organization: NeMLA
Event: NeMLA & edited volume
Categories: Pedagogy, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, History, Philosophy, Science, Engineering
Event Date: 2024-03-07 to 2024-03-10 Abstract Due: 2023-09-30

Instrumental curricula focus on direct, concrete, and explicit causal and quantifiable relationships between programs of study and reductive interpretations of the demands of society and the labor market. Within this broadly appealing system, STEM education and professional programs effortlessly justify their value as essential in any formal educational environment. Although societies and labor markets consistently assert the critical importance of and urgent need for people equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions derived from humanistic education, instrumental systems frequently relegate the humanities to a secondary position of positive complementarity, worthy of investment solely when time and budget constraints permit. We invite proposals for presentations that analyze the dangers of an instrumental approach to higher education and that propose creative solutions to these challenges. Presenters may be invited to expand their presentations into chapters for an edited volume. https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/20790



Megan Echevarria