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Online Midwinter Seminar - Something Mighty Queer

Organization: Mythopoeic Society
Categories: Gender & Sexuality, Literary Theory, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2024-02-17 to 2024-02-18 Abstract Due: 2023-12-15

We invite submissions for an online conference that focuses on queerness in fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction or other mythopoeic work. This can be queer representation within the work or engaging with mythopoeia through queer theory. “Queerness” is an intentionally ambiguous term, demonstrating the diversity of queer experiences, and the necessity of situating queerness as a liminal, complex paradigm. Queer theory is wider than the study of gender identity or sexuality, extending to taking positions against normativity and dominant modes of thought, and engaging with the indefinite. 

Aspects of this topic might include but are certainly not limited to any of the following:

Otherness, stranger/outsider, the uncanny, marginalization and oppression, liminality and liminal spaces, depictions of queer people, thresholds, trans theory, gender performativity, readings and research that challenge normative or hegemonic perspectives.

Some examples of topics:

Queer readings, queercoding, “coming out” narratives, the monstrous neighbor, queering in fandom.

Papers, panels, and roundtables from a variety of critical perspectives and disciplines are welcome. We are interested in ANY form of media — text, graphic novels, comics, television, movies, music and music videos, games — as long as it can be described as fantasy or otherwise mythopoeic.

Each presentation will receive a 50-minute slot to allow time for questions, but individual presentations should be timed for oral presentation in 40 minutes maximum. Two or three presenters who wish to present short, related papers may also share one 50-minute slot. 

Proposals (~200 words) with bios (150 words, maximum) should be sent to: oms-chair@mythcon.org
Working bibliographies are welcome, but not required.



Alicia Fox-Lenz