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Electronics Goes Green 2024 (EGG 2024) (Conference)

Organization: IEEE
Event: Conference
Categories: Digital Humanities, Engineering
Event Date: 2024-06-18 to 2024-06-20 Abstract Due: 2023-11-26

Welcome to Electronics Goes Green 2024+, a significant gathering of researchers, policy makers and industry players dedicated to driving sustainability in the electronics and ICT sector. As technology rapidly evolves, it's vital that we prioritize environmental considerations and promote eco-friendly practices across the industry's value chain.

Drawing inspiration from our previous successful conferences, which have highlighted the evolution of scientific topics and practical innovations in line with technological progress, we continue our mission to make best use of electronics to achieve global sustainability goals.

While we are aware that the path ahead becomes more demanding, it's essential to recognize that challenges often serve as catalysts for positive change. They ignite the collective creativity. We invite you to join this multi-stakeholder conference, where we'll explore the latest developments in research, innovation, policy and industry initiatives. Let us foster collaboration and inspire environmentally conscious innovation.

As electronics seamlessly integrate into every aspect of our lives, we're entrusted with responsibly navigating the ecological, economic, and social impact of this technological diversity.

Join us in shaping a more sustainable future. Explore the numerous dimensions of green electronics and contribute your insights, breakthroughs, and ideas at Electronics Goes Green 2024+. Together, we're steering electronics towards sustainability, from silicon to practical application. Your contribution shapes the landscape of tomorrow's electronics industry and ultimately our society as a whole.

Together, we empower the future of electronics – from silicon to sustainability.

Martin Schneider-Ramelow
Chairman Electronics Goes Green 2024+



Martina Creutzfeld