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Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) – 8th Edition (https://www.ierek.com/events/cities-identity-through-architecture-and-arts-citaa-8th-edition#introduction)

University of Pisa
Organization: IEREK
Event: https://www.ierek.com/events/cities-identity-through-architecture-and-arts-citaa-8th-edition#introduction
Categories: Engineering
Event Date: 2024-09-24 to 2024-09-26 Abstract Due: 2024-04-15

Every city possesses a unique and valuable identity that is expressed through its physical and visual form. This identity is perceived by its residents and users, shaping their collective memories. The city's identity comprises its physical spaces and the images formed through memory cues, which in turn affect tourism, education, culture, and economic prosperity. Arts and architecture play a significant role in shaping the history of civilizations and fostering the growth of ancient and modern cities. This extends beyond buildings and constructions to encompass traditions, cultural beliefs, and communal arts.



Marwa Eid