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First Peer Review Narrative in Experimental Sciences Conference (PRNECS 2024)

Categories: Science, Engineering
Event Date: 2024-03-15 to 2024-03-15 Abstract Due: 2024-02-16

The First Peer Review Narrative in Experimental Sciences Conference (PRNECS 2024) aims to critically evaluate the effects produced by the claims of peer review research have (1) on the progress of experimental computer science, (2) on the quality of published research, (3) on research careers, and (4) on the belief and trust that Public Opinion and the media/journalists share about published research.
The conference aims to critically discuss the limits of peer review in experimental science that usually it is never done for experimental research for the physical, temporal, and cognitive limitations that the reviewers involved are subjected to.

Call For Participation / Expression of Interest

Contributions to the conference are reserved to researchers with at least five year of work experience and who have published their first peer reviewed paper at least five years ago. This requirement is necessary to produce an informed discussion on the limits of the peer review process. The contributors need to share situations in their own field of study where they had direct experiences of the limits of the current peer review system.
Interested Researchers can manifest their intention to contribute to the conference by emailing the conference organizer Prof. Filippo Neri at filipponeri@yahoo.com.
The conference will take place online in March 2024 if a sufficient number of contributions are received.
Organizer: Prof. Filippo Neri, Marie Curie Fellow, University of Naples, Italy.


Filippo Neri