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ChiricĂș Journal call for creative submissions

Categories: Digital Humanities
Event Date: 2024-04-15 Abstract Due: 2024-04-15

Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures seeks submissions for creative works to be considered for publication in the upcoming special issue titled “Latinx Digital Humanities: Methods, Theory, and Praxis”. This special issue will bring together critical essays, snapshots from the field, and creative pieces that reflect on the use of Latinx methodologies and theories in digital humanities.

We invite creative pieces that highlight the intersection of Latinx creative expression and digital humanities, including Latinx voices, theories, and methodologies through digital and literary art. Digital art may take various forms encompassing virtual art, media, visual art, photography, illustration, and sound. We also welcome creative work including poetry, prose, short stories, and flash fiction that conceptualize, interrogate, mobilize, or challenge the digital age, digital space, social media, data, digital surveillance, and/or materiality. 

Within the broader theme of Latinx Digital Humanities and in dialogue with the scholarly contributions, we encourage submissions that speak to the topics of migration, food, community, decolonization/decoloniality, belonging, and poetry.  

Authors and Artists should submit their creative work electronically by April 15, 2024, and will be published in this spring's issue. For submission instructions and guidelines, visit https://scholarworks.iu.edu/iupjournals/index.php/chiricu/about/submissions#authorGuidelines

For questions or queries, please email chiricu@iu.edu.


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