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Permanent Session (English Literature Pre 1800 I): Taking Survey of The Survey of English Literature (Midwest Modern Language Association: )

Chicago, IL
Organization: Midwest Modern Language Association
Event: Midwest Modern Language Association:
Categories: British, Pedagogy, Medieval, Early Modern & Renaissance, Long 18th Century, Romantics, Victorian, 20th & 21st Century
Event Date: 2024-11-14 to 2024-11-16 Abstract Due: 2024-04-15

This Permanent Section of the MMLA invites papers, which reflect on the significance of the survey course, past present and future. Often an introduction to our discipline, whether as a requirement for majors or as an option for general education programs, the survey of English literature can play several roles. For some, the course may be regarded as a perfunctory obligation, something to “get out of the way” before their “real” work begins. For others, it can be a crucial opportunity to introduce several fundamental questions about our discipline, from how we distinguish literary texts, to how we identify Englishness, to the versions of literary history that we give priority. In reflecting on the survey, we take measure of our discipline, along with our expectations about how undergraduates should approach it.


Proposals can address several topics, including (though not necessarily limited to):


·      Constructions of Englishness

·      Selecting texts in a period of EEBO-TCP and related digital archives

·      Literary histories and their histories

·      Coverage and inclusivity

·      Fostering student engagement


The panel is especially welcome to proposals, which address the general conference theme: Health in/of the Humanities.


Please submit an abstract of up to 250 words, along with a brief bio to Adam Kitzes, adam.kitzes@und.edu, by April 15.


The MMLA convention will be held in Chicago, November 14-16, 2024. Please visit the website for information about the conference.



Adam Kitzes