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PAMLA Conference session: SF/speculative or imaginative fiction/fantasy in French (PAMLA)

Palm Springs, CA, USA
Organization: PAMLA
Event: PAMLA
Categories: French
Event Date: 2024-11-06 to 2024-11-10 Abstract Due: 2024-06-16

In this roundtable session, we invite presenters to share their work in French or in English pertaining to science fiction, speculative fiction and fantasy in texts, film, or comics originally published in the French language. These narrative genres are often ways to comment on social change by placing characters in other contexts through world-building or imagined interactions between humans and non-human entities.
Topics for this session can hinge on ecopoetic and climate literature, post-apocalyptic stories, and colonization allegories, to issues of immigration and war via medieval fantasy or alien conflicts in sf, post- and trans-humanism, the female body, the cyborg, or other hybrid creatures. One can also explore political regimes and language.
Potential questions to explore in creative works: How does alternative reality help us understand and navigate our present, and imagine the future or invent another present? How does technology impact us as individuals and as a society? What/who is human? How do we envisage living together in futuristic or different worlds?
This session is organized around shorter presentations to allow more time for discussion and the exchange of ideas to feed the presenters’ and members of the audience’s research.


Annabelle Dolidon