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FOR A MORPHOLOGY OF CONCEPTS IN THE DEMOCRATIC LEXICON – 1st PhD Students and Young Researchers Transdisciplinary Seminar - Call for proposals – Deadline 10th July 2024

Rome, Italy
Organization: Guglielmo Marconi University
Categories: Graduate Conference, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2024-11-07 to 2024-11-08 Abstract Due: 2024-07-10

“Guglielmo Marconi” University’s PhD candidates in Law and Political Science, under the patronage of the Department of Law and Political Science, and in collaboration with the Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Foggia, launch this call for proposals, addressed to doctoral students and young researchers in the History of political thought, Political philosophy, Sociology, History of law, Public law, as well as classic and modern Philology.

Proposals selected will be presented at the seminar entitled “FOR A MORPHOLOGY OF CONCEPTS IN THE DEMOCRATIC LEXICON”. The seminar will take place on November 7th to 8th, 2024, in Rome. It will focus on the main concepts in the democratic lexicon used in the classic texts of political thought to justify political order and political obligation.

Although the interpretative categories prevalent in current political discourse can be mostly traced back to the natural law doctrine and the social contract tradition, nonetheless, the ancient world certainly produced political experiences and philosophical reflections which notions and concepts still in use in modern democratic language stem from.

Proposals should clarify the underlying concepts of politics, their origin and their meanings, and how they are used to justify political order and political obligation. Along this way, all their contradictions and conceptual stratifications hidden there could emerge. The joint contribution of a historical-conceptual awareness and a philologically accurate analysis can help to avoid any anachronisms or misinterpretations, showing how the endemic fragility of the democratic regimes is intrinsic in their very origin, beyond the historical contingencies.

Proposals focusing on how concepts born within the Western religious tradition have then become part of a secularized political culture are welcome too.

Abstracts (max. 500 words) must be submitted to lessicodemocraticoseminario.24@gmail.com no later than July the 10th, 2024. For detailed information, please click here:




Maria Giorgia Caraceni