Collect Your Abstracts With Us

The CFP List offers a free way for you to collect abstracts for your conference event or publication. Collecting your abstracts through our system allows you to automate the collection of all your abstracts. Why would you want to instead of collecting abstracts through your email account? The benefits are many:

  • Collecting abstracts through email can leave you vulnerable to viruses and phishing attacks;
  • Sometimes legitimate papers could end up in your spam folder; an amazing proposal could be lost!
  • You can easily share your administration link with other members of your team for easy collobration;
  • No passwords to remember! We give you a special link to view your papers, so you don't have to remember the credentials to yet another account;
  • We backup our data!
  • No fuss digging through emails; you can view all your collected papers on one simple online grid;
  • You will be notified by us when abstracts are posted to your CFP. That email will contain the contents of the abstract as well. The submitter will also receive an email confirming their submission.

First, Submit Your Call for Papers here.

Be sure to check the box on the top of the submit page to enable abstract collection. Once our reviewers approve your call for listing (we review only to prevent spam), you will be given a special public URL you can share.

Share Your Public URL

Whenever a user visits your public URL, they will see a green "Submit Abstract" button. The button is automatically hidden when the abstract deadline has past.

User Submits Abstract Information

Anyone interested in submitting a paper simply pastes in their paper, and fills out a few contact details.

Papers Come In

You will be notified by email whenever a paper comes in. You can also view all the papers that have come in at anytime using your special private link for your CFP. You received this link when your CFP was first approved.

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