Representations of Food in Italian and Italian-American Literature and Cinema (Roundtable)

Italian / Cultural Studies and Media Studies

Irene Hatzopoulos (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Valentina Morello (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Culinary traditions within communities and families are often the most resilient. Food can serve as a solid way to bond but also as a clear marker of differences between someone and their neighbor. These traditions and representations of culinary identity can also be a liminal space between cultures. Food can also be seen as a disease, a remedy, or a metaphor for one’s freedom or freedom to choose. We invite papers that focus on the representation of food in the context of Italian and/or Italian-American film and literature. Please submit an abstract of 300 words max to Irene Hatzopoulos (
Focusing on the 20th & 21st centuries, this roundtable will focus on food and culinary traditions in Italian, Italian-American and diaspora literature and cinema. culinary identity, culinary alienation, food as a metaphor for freedom, belonging, or exclusion.