Place-based Pedagogies in Urban Environments: Teaching in, with, and of the City (Panel)

American/Diaspora / Interdisciplinary Humanities

Christina Michaud (Boston University)

Place-based or experiential pedagogies have long been expanding in the university, and, particularly when coupled with service-learning components, are appearing on many university vision statements and strategic plans. We seek papers that explore the issues of urbanism theoretically or more practically, taking as a starting point a student studying about the city in which they are, in fact, studying. From there, we hope to explore any of the following issues:

1. What are the intersections between placed-based pedagogies and antiracism? How can experiential learning enrich students’ understandings of race and structural racism in cities today?
2. What is the relationship between urban place-based explorations and students’ sense of community within the classroom, on campus, and across the city?
3. How can faculty address real urban challenges, including addiction, homelessness, entrenched issues of inequity, and more, in a way that is sensitive and avoids the problems of voluntourism, white saviors, and dehumanization?
4. What are students’ experiences with urban place-based learning projects, and how do they identify growth, both personally and intellectually?

We welcome papers from faculty who bring multiple identities to bear on these topics.
How do students “read” cities? Where is the boundary between city and classroom? This panel explores the student experience of studying urbanism and their specific urban environment through the lens of project-based and place-based pedagogies.