Enhancing Language Learning through AI: Practical Strategies for Teachers in the Age of ChatGPT (Roundtable)

Pedagogy & Professional / Spanish/Portuguese

Philip Noonan (Boston University)

The boom in human-like Artificial Intelligence chatbots and image generators – what is now being called “the fourth industrial revolution” – has led to drastic changes in how educators across disciplines approach assignments and assessments in a world where a passable essay can be composed with the click of a button. In spite of these challenges, emerging AI technologies are also providing educators with a rare opportunity to innovate and experiment with applications that promise to revolutionize pedagogy in their respective disciplines. In the language classroom, AI is now being used creatively as a conversation partner, an essay-composing aid, a method for generating lists of vocabulary, and an assistant in synthesizing complex grammar concepts, just to name a few of the many possibilities these technologies promise. As such, this roundtable seeks to bring together language teachers who would like to share their experiments with Artificial Intelligence in the language classroom – successful or otherwise. Roundtable participants are encouraged to share one or two brief examples of activities that have actually been implemented in their language classrooms along with any difficulties and success that were encountered along the way. The round table will be followed by a brief Q & A session during which audience members are encouraged to share their own experiences with AI.

Significance: Sharing best practices for and practical examples of the use of Artificial Intelligence in the language classroom. Generating discussion around new approaches to using this technology effectively in language courses.

A roundtable discussion of best practices and examples of the use of advanced AI technologies in the language classroom. Participants are encouraged to share AI-based activities they have implemented in class along with any lessons learned in the process.