Medievalisms Today: Aspects of the Medieval Past in the 21st-century World (Part 1) (Panel)

Cultural Studies and Media Studies / Global Anglophone

Michael Torregrossa (Bristol Community College)

June-Ann Greeley (Sacred Heart University)

A number of decades ago, Umberto Eco wrote, “it seems people like the Middle Ages,” and this statement continues to ring true today as elements of the medieval past are still being adapted, adopted, and appropriated by creators worldwide. Recently, medievalists have begun to focus on, as recent studies phrase it, these examples of global, international, and world medievalisms. However, much work remains to be done to more fully catalog and assess these materials. Our intent in this session is to shine the spotlight onto works of medievalism from across the planet that haven’t yet received much (if any) attention and explore how and (perhaps) why creators in the twenty-first century still find the Middle Ages so interesting and (despite our distance from the era) relevant to their own time and place.

This panel will engage with some of the ways that creators across the globe have used elements of the Middle Ages to offer new stories relevant to their own experiences.