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CTE Workshop Proceedings

Organization: Academy of Cognitive and Natural Sciences
Categories: Digital Humanities, Pedagogy
Event Date: 2024-12-31 Abstract Due: 2024-12-31

Unveil the Future of Educational Technology at CTE Workshop Proceedings!

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Link: CTE Workshop Proceedings ISSN: 2833-5473 Diamond Open Access

Why Choose CTE Workshop Proceedings?

Pioneering Insights: Be at the forefront of educational technology advancements! Join a dynamic discourse that showcases cutting-edge ideas and trends, offering a sneak peek into what's next in the world of digital education.

Broad Coverage: Our platform spans an array of captivating topics, ensuring relevance for a diverse education community. From adaptive learning to immersive technologies, we encompass it all:

  • Educational Technology
  • Augmented Reality
  • E-Learning
  • Mobile Learning


Seize the Opportunity:

Emerging Trends: Witness the birth of new methodologies, projects, and ideas that are shaping the future of education. CTE Workshop Proceedings is your portal to insights before they hit traditional journals.

Innovative Areas: Engage with pivotal topics such as adaptive learning platforms, cloud-based AI education applications, immersive learning environments, educational data mining, VR/AR gamification, and so much more.

Immediate Access: Embrace open knowledge dissemination. Our commitment includes free access for both authors and readers – no submission charges or 'Article Processing Charges'. Enjoy seamless access to the full text versions of all articles.

For Contributors:

Author Guidelines: Explore our comprehensive guidelines to ensure your contribution aligns with our vision: Link

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Indexed by DOAJ: Our reputable standing in the Directory of Open Access Journals underlines our commitment to high-quality research and innovation.

Shape the Future with CTE Workshop Proceedings:

Join us in pushing the boundaries of educational technology. Whether you're an academic, researcher, or industry expert, CTE Workshop Proceedings invites you to contribute and engage in conversations that transform education.



Serhiy O. Semerikov