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Nabokov, Blackness, and Whiteness (MLA)

New Orleans
Organization: International Vladimir Nabokov Society
Event: MLA
Categories: American, Comparative, African-American, Colonial, Revolution & Early National, Transcendentalists, 1865-1914, 20th & 21st Century, Eastern European
Event Date: 2025-01-09 to 2025-01-12 Abstract Due: 2024-03-15

The International Vladimir Nabokov Society seeks paper proposals for presentations on the following theme for the Modern Language Association’s Annual Convention (January 9-12, 2025, New Orleans, LA):  


Nabokov, Blackness, and Whiteness 

Vladimir Nabokov is not generally thought of as an author whose writings engaged matters of racial identity, politics, or social justice; however, his works do contain, with some regularity, references to race-related issues, as well as recurring patterns and images of black and white: chessboard figures, Harlequin designs, character names, and more. The IVNS invites innovative papers on blackness and whiteness in Nabokov’s works, understood broadly in any number of separate or overlapping contexts: race, ethnicity, and/or identity matters in (or related to) Nabokov (including, potentially, civil rights issues; perspectives from BLM; influence from or on Black authors; reading race, racism, and/or anti-racism in Nabokov; etc.); white and black as themes/designs/motifs/colors in his works (chess themes; characters such as Dr. Blanche Schwarzmann, Ivor Black, or others combining Black and White; etc.).

Please send 250-word abstracts by 3/15/2024 to Christopher Link (linkc@newpaltz.edu) and Marie Bouchet (marie.bouchet@univ-tlse2.fr). 


Submission Deadline: 

Friday, 15 March 2024 



Chris Link